The Traveler…

I called this blog Traveler’s Tales. It’s a bit of a homage to Carl Sagan. His book Cosmos was one of the things that made me see science could be poetic, and for that I wish I had thanked him when he was alive.

I travel a bit, and I write about science. Where possible I like to combine the two, but not always. I’m interested in places, and how those places interact with people, and sometimes how the world — the things we like to call natural laws — shape that.

I also live in one of the great cities of the world, so oftentimes I will be writing about that too. One of the things about living in New York is that while it’s symbolic — cue up Frank Sinatra — but it is one of those places that after you’ve lived here a while, sometimes it’s hard to imagine yourself anywhere else.

That’s one of the things about the traveler. That person isn’t just bringing tales back home from elsewhere, they bring tales of home to other places. When I write about science I do the former, and when I write about New York I do the latter, and with any luck I’ll do it reasonably well.


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